Now appearing every Wednesday at Taino Tower!!

Choco Orta y su Orquesta
Beginning Wednesday, May 7
7-11PM, $10 donation
Dress code: casual

Taino Towers - Crystal Ballroom
240 E. 123rd St (Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)
4th Floor
New York, NY 10035

Info: 917.334.6481

Soundscape : 'Choco Swing'

Choco Orta Choco Swing - latest recording from Choco Orta


CHOCO ORTA Choco Swing
"Boricua multi-talented Choco Orta returns to the airwaves and dance floors via her latest recording Choco Swings, a production that marks her artistic debut as a producer. The talented singer/percussionist/dancer and actress continues to develop, excel and shine artistically throughout most of this new recording."
-Rudy Mangual, Latin Beat Magazine

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"Choco Orta never ceases to amaze us: here is a killer capital "S" salsa project, directed by the great Rei Peña, which reaffirms her position as the top Salsera-Sonera to contend with, at the very least within the US and Puerto Rico." Bruce Polin,
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"Choco" Orta is the most dignified aspiring salsa singer to Celia Cruz's throne."-Gilberto Santa Rosa

“... I have seen this dynamic lady stride right up to a stage and proceed to mesmerize the audience with her powerhouse brand of singing ...”
-Vicki Solá, Latin Beat Magazine

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